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JAGS Revised Archetypes

Sept 7th, 2010 Marco

So okay: it's been a while. Right now we are working on JAGS Archetypes. The compiled list of all special abilities. It's been three years in the making and we're using computers. Why is it taking so long? Check the (semi-daily) JAGS Blog here: to find out!

You can also use that blog to ask us questions.

JAGS Revised

July 30, 2008 by Marco

An award winning (Best Free Game Indie Awards 2006) universal table-top roleplaying system (click the FAQ if none of those words make any sense to you). JAGS Revised is the core rules book for the JAGS system. Find inside Skills, Traits, Stats, Combat, and Drama Rolls (which let you create your own in-depth rules for special campaign types)!


July 30, 2008 by Marco

JAGS-2 is a rules medium JAGS Revised-compatible version of JAGS That's open under the FDL. It is designed for people who want to use the JAGS materials without any conversion work and wish to get started quickly (there is less attention paid to "game balance"). You can use it free of charge as the engine for your own game system.

Jags Wonderland (and The Book Of Knots)

July 30, 2008 by Marco

On a cool, wet July 4th (a day the children who heard the story recalled as bright and sunny) an Oxford mathematician (who, according to his diaries suffered from strange visions) created the first of two works: each with exactly 12 chapters. They are encoded survival guides meant as warnings. They are an old and new testament for a coming age of insanity.

The number 12 is not arbitrary (months in the year? Hours in the day?): in the second book (Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There) the 10th and 11th chapters have only 59 and 38 words respectively. What do you think that means?

It means Wonderland is coming.

When you enter Wonderland there are two kinds of Descent: controlled and uncontrolled. Uncontrolled (falling down the rabbit hole) is the first book. Survival is a matter of luck and chance. The characters are cards. The second kind of Descent is controlled. That happens in the second book (crawling through the mirror). Survival is a matter of skill. The game is chess.

The narrative is disguised as a children's story: we are assured nobody is killed. The book is an encrypted warning: we are told that nobody is a person who is very, very hard to see. If nobody is alive then there's also a stack of bloody severed heads in the alcoves of the Queen of Heart's castle.

The walls of reality have cracks in them. There are cracks in the world.

Disney may have understood the message but their movie has hidden things even deeper. There is no such book as Alice in Wonderland (the name most adults know both works by). There were always clues in the artwork: the Knave of Clubs is in the court room illustration, the Knave of Hearts is in the poem as Lewis Carroll was formally trained in symbolic logic none of this is coincidence. The fractures are growing wider. Wonderland is waiting on the other sideŚwaiting to get in.

Wonderland is coming.

JAGS Wonderland and the Book of Knots are JAGS modern-day surreal horror worldbook setting based on the work of Lewis Carroll.
Enter a world of wonder and madness.